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Yamaha V-Max Venture Phazer Snowmobile Left Trailing Arm Black - 08-461

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2002YamahaMountain Max 600MM600
2001YamahaMountain Max 600MM600
2000YamahaMountain Max 600MM600
1999YamahaMountain Max 600MM600
1998YamahaMountain Max 600MM600
1997YamahaMountain Max 600MM600
2002YamahaMountain Max 700MM700
2001YamahaMountain Max 700MM700
2000YamahaMountain Max 700MM700
1999YamahaMountain Max 700MM700
1998YamahaMountain Max 700MM700
1997YamahaMountain Max 700MM700
2001YamahaPhazer 500PZ500
2001YamahaPhazer 500PZ500DX Deluxe
2000YamahaPhazer 500PZ500
1999YamahaPhazer 500PZ500
2001YamahaPhazer Mountain LitePZ500ML
2000YamahaPhazer Mountain LitePZ500ML
1999YamahaPhazer Mountain LitePZ480ST
2001YamahaVenture 500VT500
2000YamahaVenture 500VT500
1999YamahaVenture 500VT500
1998YamahaVenture 500VT500
1997YamahaVenture 500VT500
2001YamahaVenture 500 XLVT500XL
2000YamahaVenture 500 XLVT500XL
1999YamahaVenture 500 XLVT500XL
2001YamahaVenture 600VT600
2000YamahaVenture 600VT600
1999YamahaVenture 600VT600
1998YamahaVenture 600VT600
1997YamahaVenture 600VT600
2001YamahaVenture 700VT700
2000YamahaVenture 700VT700
1999YamahaVenture 700VT700
1998YamahaVenture 700VT700
2001YamahaVMAX 500VX500
2001YamahaVMAX 500VX500DX Deluxe
2000YamahaVMAX 500VX500
2000YamahaVMAX 500VX500DX Deluxe
1999YamahaVMAX 500VX500
1998YamahaVMAX 500VX500
1997YamahaVMAX 500VX500
1999YamahaVMAX 500 SXVX500SX
1998YamahaVMAX 500 XTVX500XT
1997YamahaVMAX 500 XTVX500XT
1998YamahaVMAX 500 XTCVX500XTC
1998YamahaVMAX 500 XTCVX500XTCD Deluxe
1997YamahaVMAX 500 XTCVX500XTC
1998YamahaVMAX 500 XTRVX500XTR
2001YamahaVMAX 600VX600DX Deluxe
2000YamahaVMAX 600VX600DX Deluxe
1999YamahaVMAX 600VX600
1997YamahaVMAX 600VX600
1999YamahaVMAX 600 SXVX600SX
1998YamahaVMAX 600 SXVX600SX
1997YamahaVMAX 600 SXVX600SX
1998YamahaVMAX 600 SXSVX600SXS
1998YamahaVMAX 600 XTVX600XT
1997YamahaVMAX 600 XTVX600XT
1998YamahaVMAX 600 XTCVX600XTC
1997YamahaVMAX 600 XTCVX600XTC
1997YamahaVMAX 600 XTCVX600XTC Reverse
1998YamahaVMAX 600 XTCDVX600XTC Deluxe
1998YamahaVMAX 600 XTRVX600XTR
2001YamahaVMAX 700VX700
2001YamahaVMAX 700VX700DX Deluxe
2000YamahaVMAX 700VX700
2000YamahaVMAX 700VX700DX Deluxe
1999YamahaVMAX 700VX700
1999YamahaVMAX 700VX700DX Deluxe
1999YamahaVMAX 700 SXVX700SX
1998YamahaVMAX 700 SXVX700SX
1997YamahaVMAX 700 SXVX700SX
1998YamahaVMAX 700 SXSVX700SXS
1998YamahaVMAX 700 XTVX700XT
1998YamahaVMAX 700 XTCVX700XTC
1998YamahaVMAX 700 XTCDVX700XTC Deluxe
1998YamahaVMAX 700 XTCPVMAX 700 XTCP
Yamaha V-Max Venture Phazer Snowmobile Left Trailing Arm Black - 08-461

Replaces Yamaha OEM 8CR-2382E-01

1997-2001 Yamaha V-Max 500, 600, 700
1997-2001 Yamaha Venture 500, 600, 700
1997-2002 Yamaha Mountain Max 600, 700
2000-2001 Yamaha SXR
1999-2001 Yamaha Phazer/Mountain Lite
Ensure your sled uses 8CR-2382E-01

Note: These trailing arms are painted black. They also fit models that come with red, silver or blue trailing arms. Replaces Yamaha 8CV-2382E-01(Red, Left)