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Ski-Doo CK3 Chassis Snowmobile Right Trailing Arm Black - 08-458

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1999Ski-DooFormula III 600--
1998Ski-DooFormula III 600--
1998Ski-DooFormula III 600LT
1998Ski-DooFormula III 600R--
2000Ski-DooFormula III 700--
1999Ski-DooFormula III 700--
1998Ski-DooFormula III 700--
2000Ski-DooFormula III 700R--
2000Ski-DooFormula III 700RSE
1999Ski-DooFormula III 700R--
1998Ski-DooFormula III 700R--
2000Ski-DooFormula III 800--
1999Ski-DooFormula III 800--
2003Ski-DooGrand Touring 380FFan
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 380FFan
2003Ski-DooGrand Touring 500Sport
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 500Sport
2001Ski-DooGrand Touring 500--
1999Ski-DooGrand Touring 500--
1998Ski-DooGrand Touring 500--
2003Ski-DooGrand Touring 500FFan
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 500FFan
2003Ski-DooGrand Touring 550Fan
1999Ski-DooGrand Touring 580--
1998Ski-DooGrand Touring 580--
1999Ski-DooGrand Touring 583--
1998Ski-DooGrand Touring 583--
2003Ski-DooGrand Touring 600SE
2003Ski-DooGrand Touring 600Sport
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 600GS
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 600SE
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 600Sport
2001Ski-DooGrand Touring 600--
2000Ski-DooGrand Touring 600--
2003Ski-DooGrand Touring 700SE
2003Ski-DooGrand Touring 700SE RER
2003Ski-DooGrand Touring 700Sport
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 700GS
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 700GS RER
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 700Olympic Games
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 700Sport
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 700Sport RER
2001Ski-DooGrand Touring 700GS
2001Ski-DooGrand Touring 700SE
2000Ski-DooGrand Touring 700--
2000Ski-DooGrand Touring 700SE
1999Ski-DooGrand Touring 700--
1999Ski-DooGrand Touring 700SE
1998Ski-DooGrand Touring 700--
1998Ski-DooGrand Touring 700SE
2003Ski-DooGrand Touring 800SE
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 800SE
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 800SE RER
2001Ski-DooGrand Touring 800SE
2000Ski-DooGrand Touring 800Millennium Edition
2000Ski-DooGrand Touring 800SE
1999Ski-DooGrand Touring 800SE
1998Ski-DooGrand Touring 800SE
2003Ski-DooGrand Touring V1000Sport
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring V1000Sport
2000Ski-DooMach 1--
1999Ski-DooMach 1--
1998Ski-DooMach 1--
2000Ski-DooMach 1 R--
2000Ski-DooMach 1 RSE
1999Ski-DooMach 1 R--
1999Ski-DooMach 1 RSE
1998Ski-DooMach 1 R--
2003Ski-DooMach Z 800Tech Plus
2003Ski-DooMach Z 800Tech Plus RER
2002Ski-DooMach Z 800Sport
2002Ski-DooMach Z 800Tech Plus
2002Ski-DooMach Z 800Tech Plus RER
2001Ski-DooMach Z 800--
2001Ski-DooMach Z 800Tech Plus
2000Ski-DooMach Z 800--
2000Ski-DooMach Z 800SE LT
1999Ski-DooMach Z 800--
1999Ski-DooMach Z 800LT
1999Ski-DooMach Z 800Mike Houle Series
1999Ski-DooMach Z 800SE LT
1998Ski-DooMach Z 800--
1998Ski-DooMach Z 800LT
1998Ski-DooMach Z 800LT Super V Track
2000Ski-DooMach Z 800RMillennium Edition
2000Ski-DooMach Z 800RSE
2000Ski-DooMach Z 800RSE LT
1999Ski-DooMach Z 800R--
1999Ski-DooMach Z 800RLT
1999Ski-DooMach Z 800RSE
1999Ski-DooMach Z 800RSE LT
1998Ski-DooMach Z 800R--
1998Ski-DooMach Z 800RLT
Ski-Doo CK3 Chassis Snowmobile Right Trailing Arm Black - 08-458

Replaces Ski-Doo OEM 506 1284 00

1998-2003 Ski-Doo CK3 Chassis Snowmobiles including Formula III, Mach I, Mach Z and Grand Touring.
Please make sure your sled uses 506 1284 00